Thursday, October 4, 2007

Green beans with feta

from Everyday Foods

Recipe: Boil green beans to crisp-tender. Drain & put in cold water to stop cooking. Make vinigiarette. Toss green beans with vinigiarette, quartered cherry tomatoes and 1/2 c crumbled feta cheese.

Results: This is a simple recipe. I didn't make my own vinigiarette, I didn't have everything and had a bottle in the fridge. The recipe called for white wine vinigar (my missing ingredient) and I at first I wished I had used the recipe. When I first tossed the beans with the red wine vinigiarette, it was strong. I could taste the red wine flavor and it was overwhelming. But the dish sat out until it was time to serve and all the flavors melded. It turned out to be a nice dish.

I have to try the leftovers out on the kids tonight. I'm not sure how A will do with the feta. J will be fine. I still can't get a vegetable passed those sweet lips of Baby B.

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