Friday, October 19, 2007

Chicken enchiladas

from Everyday Food magazine

Recipe: Saute onions & garlic, add canned tomatoes & salt, pepper & chili powder. Simmer for 20-30 minutes & break up tomatoes. Roll corn tortillas with chicken & cheese. Pour sauce over, top with cheese and bake.

Changes: There were suppose to be jalapenos in the sauce and on top. I left them out for the children. The sauce was okay but I think I would add some cumin, or maybe adobo next time for a litte more flavor.

Results: I made this and let it sit while we went to soccer practice. I baked it when we got home. As a result the corn tortillas got really soft & mushy. I liked it. It was a good quick meal. A&J picked at it. B only ate the chicken. But DH and I both enjoyed it. I wonder how long I have to wait until my Texas born children start to like Mexican food?

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