Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm bored

Can you tell?

Baby B just went down for a nap. DH is out traipsing (that spelling looks wrong to me but I checked, it's good) around in the countryside. He's working, so that's good.

My work is slow. I've read the forums on ravelry & knitty. I've blocked the headband for my niece's bday present. I should work on other knitting or do some laundry or something practical.

Instead I'm contemplating cooking chickens in the slow cooker. I bought another rotisserie chicken from the grocery store this week. I think there should be a better/cheaper way to get chicken. I don't want to roast it in my oven. It's too wonky and just know that it would quit working in the middle of roasting chicken . So I thought slow cooker. I've looked up how to do it on the internet. I've thought about it. Now I just have to go buy some chicken. Maybe I'll wait for a good sale.

While looking for slow cooker roast chicken recipes, I saw that people make spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker too. Maybe I can stop buying all those jars of Prego and make my own instead. I can make a ton and then freeze it for the next time I need sauce. I should become queen of the slow cooker.

All this recipe reading makes me think about baking. I want to bake but I can't bake. I would eat way too much of it. When I worked in a office it was easy to bake, leave a little at home and take the rest to the coworkers. I can't do that anymore. So I'll just read recipes instead.

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