Friday, October 12, 2007

The dreaded Baby Ruth

DH has been handling bathtime for the boys lately. The boys are happy because Daddy lets them play. I am a mean bath Mommy, according to J. I prefer to think of it as efficient. I stick them in without toys, douse with water, wash the hair, soap them down, douse with water again and out they go. DH puts them, gives them every imaginable bath toy, lets them play, washes their hair, lets them play, washes bodies, lets them play, rinses, lets them play. He'd rather wander around doing other things than sit in the bathroom with them. I know not the safest way to give a bath but I think this practice has ended.

Two baths ago DH was letting them play, when suddenly J yelled "OOH GROSS!!!!" Yes, Baby B had pooped in the tub. DH was not happy about it, but he handled it all.

Last night was bath night again. DH put Baby B in the bath. J, remembering the poop in the tub, decided to take a shower in our bathroom instead. BB was happily playing in the tub when I reminded DH of the last bath and suggested it might be time to get him out. DH promptly went to get BB out only to discover he was too late. He was mad.

He stomped around the house for awhile complaining that no one ever picks up. I got the other two shuttled in and out of the shower. While supervising teeth brushing, I realized that DH hadn't cleaned out the tub yet. The rest of the house was spic & span but he was avoiding the bathroom. I asked him when he planned to clean it and he said he did it the last time and it was my turn. I told him no. I don't let the boys play in the bath just so I don't have clean up bath poop. He was going to have to take care of it himself. He wasn't happy. More stomping, more grumbling, eventually the tub was cleaned, the toys were sanitized, and all was done.

But I have a feeling we are a family of 2 mean bath parents now.

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