Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, the legos

It started with trying to get the boys to change their sheets on Sunday. They have bunk beds and I hate changing their sheets, so I'm trying to get them to learn how to do it so I can give up the odious task. They weren't taking to it well and there were lots of complaints. I told them that we could take down the bunk beds and then it would be much easier to make their beds.

Both boys said no because there wouldn't be much room left in their room. I offered to move the train/lego table and the legos out of their room. That wouldn't do either. J did said he wanted some shelves on the wall so he could display his lego creations. My mind started thinking.

A couple times a year, I spent time resorting the legos by kits. It is the virgo in me wanting all the correct pieces together with the instructions. However, it bothered me greatly when a piece was missing and the kits were incomplete. I also found that the boys never played with them. I had all those bags of legos sitting in there collecting dust. Something had to be done. I had to give up on that method of organization and give into sorting by colors.

My friend Susan recently did a display shelf for her kids' legos. She got her idea from pinterest. I did a quick search there on lego storage and came up with this pin, ikea storage with shelves above. I couldn't Tuesday I spent the afternoon with DH helping him navigate the city to do three jobs and stopping at Ikea before picking up the kids.

I was going to copy her idea just as it was, but DH didn't want the permanent, non-flexible shelving. We adjusted our plan.

J, DH and I have spent the time the past two days sorting the legos. That was a job. We have a lot of legos.


empty ziplocks


Now I'm onto Lego Organization Phase two. But can I convince those boys to actually let me take the bunk beds down? Maybe if I bribe them with promising to always change their sheets.

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