Thursday, September 6, 2012

timeline of cell phone

We've had Sprint cell phone service for ages, since 1997. My first cell phone was with Sprint because BIL was in one of those pyramid marketing things. I needed a cell phone. He was selling them. It worked. We stuck with Sprint all these years because DH had a job back in 2000 that gave us a significant discount and they never took it away.

Sprint service was good for awhile, but it has gotten worse. Our kids started school and we discovered that you can't get a signal in a 3 block radius of the school. We called to complain and were told that it was a known area with poor signal and there was no intention of improvement. But we still had that discount, so we stuck with it. Then the signal at our house degraded. They gave us a signal booster to keep at home which helped, but still, we weren't happy.

Recently a series of events has made us think about finally moving on. The discount was changed and only applied to DH's phone service. Not so great anymore. DH's very old blackberry started running through batteries. The Galaxy S3 came out. My boss got one and raved about it. I had phone envy. The lawsuit v Apple went in favor of Apple and there was talk of removing the phones from service.

Yesterday, mid-morning, DH asked me if I wanted to go get a new phone. I said heck, yeah and I did. A shiny new white Galaxy S3. So far I'm very happy with it. DH has phone envy now, but he is holding out until the new Apple iPhone 5 comes out before he decides what he wants to get.

We came home and took this picture of our history of cell phones.


One is missing. I had a palm pre between the silver and black sanyo flip phone and the epic. The kids came home to see all those cell phones sitting out. B picked up the first one, an old motorola flip phone. He opened it and said something was wrong with it, it didn't have a screen. DH told them we were going to take them into the cell phone store and get money for them. A said we should keep that old motorola because it definitely belongs in a museum.

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susan said...

No bag phone? We had one of those for our first. Ridiculous. I can't believe you didn't go with an iPhone. What is wrong with you?!?