Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was DH's birthday.  Our week is crazy busy and we discussed when to celebrate and couldn't come up with a time. Yesterday we had homework, A's volleyball practice, B's first cub scout meeting, my church women's group meeting and an alumni event at Jesuit for DH, all overlapping in time. There was not enough time for dinner out.

The kids and I decided to make Daddy a nice breakfast instead. I got up before 6am and headed to the store. He got fried eggs, bacon and sausage, mini donuts, english muffins and orange juice. I didn't take pictures but it was a lot of work cooking all of that food plus making lunches and making sure the kids B got ready for school. The kids loved the leftovers from breakfast but I hope they don't get used to it. It was back to cold cereal this morning.

DH & I went out to lunch a new to us Mexican restaurant, Agave Azul, in downtown Carrollton.


It was good. We had a gift certificate that we hadn't used and we have some left over, so we will definitely go back.

After school DH got to open presents. Or close his eyes while we placed the next unwrapped present in his lap. We didn't have time to and nobody wanted to actually wrap.


You see he got a 20 pk of miller lite*, peanut m&ms*, ding-dongs*, a bottle of tide boost**, sunflower seeds*, new camp chairs, a corded drill and nut drivers.

* The children picked out these gifts because they are what Daddy or they like. Miller Lite, Daddy likes. Ding-dongs, the children like.

** This was just something that I purchased at Target along with the rest of the stuff because we were out, but the kids thought it was funny and gifted him with it anyway.

DH and I ended up skipping our meetings and we had a late dinner after cub scouts and volleyball. We planned to have a cake with the cousins on Saturday when we get together for the ND/Michigan game. The kids decided that we had to sing happy birthday so we had a ding-dong cake instead.



I hope he had a good birthday.

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