Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tiger Cub

J decided to take a year off from scouting. I was a bit sad but happy with more time in our schedule. Of course, the second week of school, B came home with the cub scout flyer so excited to join cub scouts. I was hoping for a schedule conflict so I could tell him no, but also feeling guilty that I had given the first two the opportunity to enjoy scouting and I shouldn't deny B. My poor third child.

It all worked out in the end. We're in a den with 8 other boys. I don't know most of them but I think it is good for B to have friends outside of his regular crowd. The timing is fine, Wednesday evenings, twice a month.

Last night was B's first pack meeting. I did make it over to the scouting store in time to get him a uniform shirt. (I'm a meaning and didn't buy the shorts or the socks, his uniform shorts & socks will do.) However, I bought it Friday afternoon and the meeting was Friday night. There was no way I was going to rush around trying to get all of those patches sewn on by 7pm. I finally convinced B that I would pin them on and he quit fighting me. He was pretty mad that he wasn't going to be in uniform. I waiting until 6:30 and tried to pin them on. Well, I went through 3 safety pins before I gave up and went to duct tape, his sister's blue and purple duct tape. Oh, my poor third child.

Oh, I did not have a happy Tiger Cub! He was so mad and so worried that his patches were going to fall off. I told him to sit still and they would be fine.

See the duct tape.

See his clutching his sleeve to keep them on

His leader turned around and thanked him because he was the most behaved and sat so still through the whole meeting. I guess it was good for something, you can't mess around when you're worried about losing your patches.

so well behaved

His raffle ticket was drawn and he got a prize, a cheetah poster.

His duct taped patches held up pretty well until the end. They had samples of a new popcorn flavor. I tried to hold him back so he didn't have to go through the rush of kids trying to get a sample. However, as we were walking out, I noticed he was missing his den 11 patch. He turned around to look for it and I saw that he was missing his "2" from Pack 712. I got a short "I told you so" speech and he stomped off to look for his patches. We found the 2 but not the Den 11. First thing this morning, we went back over to the scout store and bought a new patch. Now I have to get them sewn on before Wednesday when he can wear his uniform to school.