Friday, September 21, 2012


I read a lot of blogs. I love the information, recipes, crafts, and ideas I found out there in the blogosphere.

Yesterday I read an blog post on Angry Chicken about a new game, Timeline, that she and her girls have been playing. It sounded like a fun game, and I love games. I jumped on over to Amazon and ordered it right away. This afternoon I found a package on our doorstep. I love Amazon Prime.

I picked up the kids and the cousins after school and told them that they had to come home and play a game with me. Cousin E wasn't thrilled. She doesn't like to play games. I told her it was the price of coming over to our house.




Thankfully, E and the others enjoyed it. It wasn't game torture. J, B & Cousin M even played another round after the first game was done.

I'm so glad I bought the game. It is a quick easy family game for all ages to play.


MKH said...

Jealous! I am coming over to play!
(p.s. to prove that I am not a robot, I have to type a word that sounds like settler. I think that means cantan and timeline should join forces.)

Sarah said...

I knew you would be excited. Even Chris liked playing this morning.