Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ahhhh, cool air

Yesterday was tough. Mr. Kittle and crew showed up before 8am. They worked until after 8pm. It was a long super hot day.

It didn't go smoothly.

First we planned on replacing our two 2 ton furnaces with one 5 ton furnace. Mr. Kittle discovered that we had two 3 ton furnaces and we had to replace with two new 3 ton furnaces. We couldn't go down in size because it would reduce our air flow. I don't actually truly understand what all that means. I think it means it will cost more but I haven't gotten the bill yet. I will stay in ignorant bliss as long as I can. I do know that since we stayed with the two furnace configuration, we didn't have to replace the duct work, so maybe we saved money that way? A girl can hope.

Second, it is difficult removing two old furnaces from the attic. The helper figured that out.


Yes, the helper's leg went through the ceiling. He was alright, no harm done. Our ceiling and attic stair did not fair as well.

I was very cranky. I had maybe 3 hours of sleep on Monday night. I was actually happy to go to B's soccer practice and sit out because in the shade with the breeze it felt nicer than inside our house. When I got home it was 93 degrees inside. I have no picture proof because I was too darm cranky to stop and take one. I almost lost it at 7:30 and was starting to think about going to a hotel. I think Mr. Kittle knew how close to the edge I was. He started up the a/c and air was blowing by 7:45. It wasn't cool yet, but it was blowing.

This morning, the thermostat registered 71. Lovely! I slept with a blanket on.  Lovely!

Mr. Kittle sent a painter over this morning to repair the ceiling. The wallboard is taped and bedded. He'll be back tomorrow to texture and paint.

Right now we're relaxing in 78 degree indoor temperature.


I'm so glad we survived the Big A/C Failure of 2012.

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