Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twas the week after Christmas

We're trying to keep busy this week. For the kids, there has been a lot of Ipod Touch and DSI and hockey playing. For the parents, there have been attempts at working from home with 3 kids in the house. DH does much better at this than me. Let's just say the phrase "I can't work with you in playing in here. You must play in the playroom or your bedroom!" might have been stated in a vociferous voice multiple times in the past couple of days.

In between all of that we've done a few other things.

I had my annual 'sort the legos' party.


Of course I was the only one who elected to attend which is for the best. It makes me so happy to know that the legos are sorted into ziploc bags with their instructions & a sticky note with the missing pieces. I might even be tempted to go to the lego store and buy the pieces we have lost. I was surprised to find that we are only down about 15 pieces and we have a big bag of extras.

Sunday, DH started an impromptu campfire which led to a dinner of roasted marshmallows and then hamburgers cooked over the open flame. It was cold but the kids enjoyed it.



J's birthday is tomorrow so I'm sure there be more to blog about soon.

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