Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This afternoon we dropped A off at her yoga class and I took the boys around the corner to get a haircut. Once the cuts were finished, we had 20 minutes to spend before A was through with class.

I decided to go check out the antique store down the way. Dangerous thing to go to an antique store with B, but I tried it anyway. I gave him the one finger rule (you can touch something but only when you ask first and only with one finger, hence, you can't actually pick it up) and threatened him with his life if he ran around like crazy.

The boys liked wandering up and down the aisles looking at all the old junk. J's favorite thing was the shark jaw with teeth for $32.00. He thinks his shark jaw would be worth at least $25.00. B liked the antlers from a 3 point deer for $42.50.

Down the next aisle, they found something and didn't know what it was. I heard them talking and J said, "I think it's some kind of phone maybe. I think I've seen something like it on tv. I wonder how it works." I turned around and they were standing in front of a rotary dial phone. John (who was obviously forgetting the one finger rule) was grabbing the dial with all of his fingers, trying to turn it around from the rim.

I laughed as I showed them how to dial the phone and they both took turns (with me watching closely) trying to dial our phone number. B wanted to know how you pushed talk. J thought it took way too long to dial like that.


It's funny how amusing things from my youth are and far technology has come.

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Kristin said...

You should have bought it!