Thursday, December 30, 2010

J's birthday

J's officially 8 today. I sent out our family photos for Christmas and put down 8 for his age. My mother pointed it out but I figured he was close enough. The age 7 23/24 looked weird.

We had an easy day of well child checkup, lego building, lunch out and a trip to the bookstore. Then he got his birthday present, a new bike.


It is funny to look at this picture 3 years ago when he got his first bike.

We had dinner & another ice cream log cake like last year (the very last photo). It was an ugly cake. The roll split and the ganache was too warm went I poured it on. Half the cake slid off into an awful mess. I didn't even bother to take pictures. Luckily it tasted great despite its appearance. He requested homemade dark chocolate ice cream. I wasn't sure about the chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, but it was quite tasty indeed. I'm still hoping to talk him into peanut butter ice cream next year.

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porpoise said...

Happy Birthday to J! Please check my blog on 10 Jan - you've won a prize!