Thursday, January 3, 2008

No more cartoon cakes

December 30th was J's 5th birthday. We had a nice small party for him, family + godparents + one family friend. Here's a picture with J's favorite gift, a big bike. He's loving it and out riding all the time despite the cold Dallas weather.

I asked J the day before what kind of cake he wanted this year. He had mentioned a couple different ideas. Batman, Spiderman, Mad Scientist (I have no idea how to make this cake so I discouraged it.) He finally said he wanted an army cake. So here's what I came up with. Camouflage icing and lots of plastic army men, thanks to his cousin M. We don't actually own army men.

Here's a close up of all the men. J put them on the cake. He made sure to point them in the same direction so none of them killed each other. Good thing he's aware of friendly fire!

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