Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas card grinch

Every day I pick up the mail and feel totally grinchy. I cringe as I sort through the mail and find more Christmas cards to us.

I went with snapfish this year. It was a little pricier than the costco cards we've had for the past umpteen years but I liked the design & I had free expedited shipping. I ordered them based on my assumption of the number we sent last year. I could have booted up my old computer and double checked but I was absolutely sure that we sent less than 80.

Nope I was wrong. We sent 89. I totally messed up and we didn't have enough cards. I went through the list and cut the people I was sure we didn't need to send to. I was vicious.

Now it is 3 days until Christmas and the cards keep coming. They are coming from people I cut. They are coming from people I didn't even send to last year. They are coming from one woman I don't even like. Why in the hell did K send me a card??? I know our boys have played on a team together but that does not obligate you to send me a christmas card and make me send one back in response.

I have 3 of our christmas cards left and I have more than 3 cards I need to send. I think I'm going to print the same picture, go to the dollar store and buy a cheap pack of cards and send them out with a photo inside. Tough luck to the people who don't get the fancy ones. I hope you don't visit the people who did!

And to all of you who did get a snapfish photo Christmas card from me, you made the cut! Know that you are loved.


Kristin said...

I will be watching my mailbox in anticipation! Am I on the A list or the B list (or C or D???)

susan said...

All I can say is I had better get one of the good ones!

Kristin said...

YES! We made the A team!

Merry Christmas R family!!