Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Bowl Victory

Today was Kindergarten Flag Football Playoffs. We had a busy schedule today. A & I had the 6th grade Mother/Daughter mass & tea. I had a girl scout leader meeting that I wanted to attend. S#2 was flying in from Kazakhstan and needed a ride home for her, the 3 girls, two dogs, two large dog crates and all of the luggage. Throw in flag football games at 1, 3, & 5pm and it makes for an extremely busy Sunday.

They had to win the first game on Thursday to get to Sunday playoffs. B was sick with strep and couldn't play. I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would lose and make my life easier. Lucky for the boys they won.

In the end it all worked out.  A & I enjoyed the tea. DH & I watched them win the first game. I headed out to the meeting & airport while DH stayed for the 2nd game. I would have pulled it all off without a hitch except that S#2's plane came in early. I got a call as I was leaving the school that they were at Terminal D and were waiting. I raced home, grabbed A & J and drove DH's truck like a speed demon all the way to the airport. I even caught up with my mother & niece who left ahead of me. Good thing it was Sunday afternoon and there was no traffic.  23 minutes from phone call to airport. The kids knew not to look at the speedometer. Or if they did look, they knew not to say anything.

After dropping the family off and visiting for awhile, I went back to the Y just in time for the start of the 3rd game, or "THE SUPER BOWL" as some of the boys were calling it. As I walked up to the field I saw B zig-zig his way down the field for a touchdown. Despite all of my wishing that they would lose for my own sake, it was exciting to watch them win. They were so excited!

the last play of the game

icing the coach

his medal

the winning team

Number One!

Let's hope this isn't the pinnacle of their athletic careers.

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