Thursday, May 10, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the school announcing the sports banquet.  I promptly deleted it.  No need for that.  Last Saturday another mom asked if A was going to the banquet.  All of the sudden it hit me, she was an athlete this year.  She played volleyball and she could go to the banquet.

I came home and asked A about it.  She was iffy about going.  I told her to talk to her friends at school and see if they were going to.  Monday afternoon, she was still unsure, but I decided that she would go and I would send DH with her.


Well, look at that.  A got the Heart Award for her volleyball team.  It's the award that is given to the player who may not be the best on the team but the one who gives it her all, is a good team player and has enthusiasm.  I'm so glad that she didn't skip out on the banquet! I'm so proud of her.

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