Monday, May 7, 2012

Flag football

Yesterday was the last regular season game for flag football. I was very excited for the season to end. Flag football really isn't my thing. I was goaded and plied with alcohol in order to let B play. I found out that we have playoffs so there will be at least one more game.



Why does he have to be good at the sport and love playing it so? I'm still a flag football grinch. I think I'm going to say no to flag football next fall.  We'll have to see if he and the coaches can wear me down again.

(P.S. You can see the little girl on B's team in these pictures. She's good, better than B.  They both run fast and can score, but she's better at pulling flags. And she plays with pink and purple hairbows. I was taking these pictures and overheard the coach from the other team say "Oh, yeah.  This is the team with that girl.  She's so good I would trade any of our players to have her on our team."  I find it so funny how seriously all of these guys take kindergarten flag football.

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