Tuesday, June 29, 2010

taking a break

No swimming for B for awhile.

B started complaining a week or so ago that his ear hurt. It was intermittent. He ran a fever one night. He's been snuffy & coughing at night. He's never been prone to ear infections so I passed it off as bad allergies.

Yesterday he started crying when I touched the nubby part of his ear (it's called a tragus, you learn new things every day). This morning he cried when he pulled his shirt off.

Time to go to the doctor. I didn't tell B where we were going until we where in the car. He freaked out. He said he didn't want the doctor to cut his ear open or give him a shot. I assured him that those things wouldn't happen.

That was the shortest trip to the doctors office ever. We were in and out in 20 minutes. There was no ear cutting open or shots so I didn't lie to him. His diagnosis is a sinus infection and bad case of swimmer's ear. I suppose I should have taken him in earlier. His ear canal was so swollen, it was almost closed.

We got sample drops (lucky because dr said they are terribly expensive) and prescription for the sinus infection. As soon as we got home, I put in the drops and a ear wick to get the medicine into the swollen canal. After a half hour, B sat up and said he was feeling much better. He wanted to call that doctor and tell him thank you for the ear drops. Considering he screamed the whole way to the office, that's good sign.

Now, just keep my fingers crossed that the infection clears up before we go to the lake for the 4th. No swimming until his ear is all better, no swimming at the lake will not be fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey B!
Get well soon..!!

Sarah said...

He's doing much better. Ready to swim at the lake this weekend. Thanks!