Thursday, July 1, 2010

A void has been filled

Dallas isn't a cool city. At least not for almost 40 somethings with 3 kids. Austin is a cool city. Everybody wants to live there. People here talk about Austin with a sort of awe. It has a definite mystique about it.

What Austin does has that Dallas doesn't is playscapes & breakfast tacos.

A playscape is just a wooden playset/swingset. I'm not sure why they use it, but I've never heard the term used with that connotation anywhere else.

And breakfast tacos. Austin has great breakfast tacos. They sell them everywhere. There are restaurants/trailers/drive-thrus/walk-up stands that are devoted just to breakfast tacos and they are delicious. Whenever we go to visit our friends in Austin, the husbands go out one morning for tacos. I know it is DH's favorite part of visiting Austin.

DH & I have always lamented the lack of breakfast tacos in Dallas. The local mexican place, Casa Navarro, has them on weekends, but they are pricy and small. There is a place called Taqueria Cristina that we've heard is good but we haven't tried. We always end up with the T.C. dozen because it is easy and cheap. For years we have longed for a good Austin breakfast taco.

Well, dreams can come true. An Austin taco joint, Torchy's Tacos, opened up just a few blocks away from us. I drove past on Tuesday afternoon and stopped for breakfast this morning. We tried the basic breakfast tacos(bacon, potato & chorizo). They were all great. The tacos were huge and the salsas were fantastic. I can't wait to go back for lunch or dinner and try some of their other options.

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