Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Day of Summer vacation

We did a lot of nothing today.

I spent a lot of time attempting to work and not getting much accomplished. My brain is just not in think mode yet.

I did no laundry from our vacation. We turned the water off to the washing machine while we were gone and I can't reach the faucet. I guess I'll do that tomorrow.

The kids stayed in jammies for most of the day. Lots of lazing around watching too much Disney Channel. I figure we could get that out of the way today so we don't do it the rest of the summer.

We have one more day of relaxation until camps start up. The kids are busy the rest of the month with DECATS (A), golf camp (J), VBS (B&J), cub scout camp (j) & basketball camp(J). Plus we have baseball/t-ball on top of all of that. I get to shuttle them everywhere. It's going to be a busy June!

The highlight of the day was dinner. Chicken was okay but the salad was very good. I used less dijon because I'm not a dijon person. DH loved it, kids not so much.

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