Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Suburban Mom

I drive a minivan. It is a very utilitarian vehicle. I love the open by remote doors. I love that it is easy to get a bunch of kids in and out. I don't really love the car itself. My Mustang GT was a much cooler car. My Maxima was a much nicer car.

I paid off my van last Monday. As the fates would have it, I was rear-ended in carpool line on Tuesday. It wasn't bad damage but the bolts from her front license plate holder punched 2 holes in my bumper. Today I dropped the van off at the repair shop and got a rental. I requested a bigger car and ended up with a Suburban.

It is funny because I know plenty of people (some of my sisters included) who outright refuse to drive a minivan. Too "West Virginia" was a reason sited. I, on the other hand, have always refused to drive a Suburban. Too "Texas soccer mom polluting the earth sitting by the park with the car running to stay cool while the kids practice" for me.

So despite my feelings, I'm driving a Suburban for a few days. So far, I'm not sold.
  • It is too big.  I feel like I'm driving an 18 wheeler. 
  • Have you backed up a Suburban in the parking lot of St. Monica's School before?  Don't like that part at all.
  • The steering wheel is loosey-goosey!  I like tight steering.  This car has way too much play in it.  
  • I cannot figure out the radio.  The steering wheel buttons are strange.  I still haven't been able to change the fader.  B spent the afternoon yelling at me to turn up the radio and I refused because it was way too loud up front. 
What I do like about the car is the display for the preset radio stations.  It shows the numbers for each station on the screen.  I don't have to punch all the buttons to find the station I want.  But that's about it.

I don't think I'll buy a suburban, much to B's disappointment.  I think I'll drive my paid for minivan until the kids don't need to ride with me anymore.  So in 20 years, I'll buy a sporty 2 seater that is fast with stick shift.  The virtual opposite of the minivan!

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