Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bible Pirates

B is going to vacation bible school this week. The theme of VBS this year is High Seas Adventure, so lots of sailing references. B has interpreted it as "Bible Pirates". He has been playing pirate since yesterday afternoon.

He decked himself out in his pirate gear and went outside to play. All was good until J went outside and found him with his treasure chest. I followed to end the commotion and found him building a pirate ship out of bricks. The pirate ship part of the game has now ended.

He is still playing "Bible Pirates" inside with his regular pirate stuff.

Mean Pirate

Happy Pirate

B did ask me where the pirates were. I said I didn't think there were pirates any more. B told me I was wrong. The Pirates play the Oklahoma State Army Guys and the Pirates beat the Army Guys. Oklahoma State's nickname is the Cowboys. I have no idea what sport and what teams he has been watching. I just nodded and said "O.K" It is way easier that way.

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Kristin said...

He looks so big! I love Bible Pirates. If VBS packaged it that way they'd have a waiting list!