Tuesday, June 15, 2010

people are so nice

I have a friend from school. Her daughter and A have been in class together a few times. They played on the same soccer team for a couple of seasons. She knows I knit. Well over a year ago, she mentioned that she picked up some knitting thing off the clearance table at Borders because she thought it was so pretty. She was going to learn to knit but she never did. Denise decided that she would give it to me. Every time I saw her, she remembered that knitting thing.

Well, this morning after dropping the boys off at VBS, I saw her in the parking lot. She stopped me and told me that she had been carrying the knitting thing in her car for 6 months waiting to remember to give it to me. Now was the perfect time.

I was so excited, the lace patterns on the cards are pretty and it is published by Chronicle Books, one of my favorite publishers. I can't wait to put the cards to use. Of course, that means I need to start knitting again!

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