Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shower 2.0 (almost) complete

The last shower post was on July 4th. We started the shower renovation the week before. I think the contractor took our being out of town and not really pressing the issue as a sign that he could take his time. There was delay after delay before we left on The Big Trip and the tile guy finally started on Wednesday before we left on Thursday. When we got home 12 days later, it was mostly complete. The tile was done, the walls were drywalled and painted. It looked good but we couldn't use it because the shower fixtures hadn't been put back together. The contractor said something was wrong and the plumber had to come back to figure it out. There was talk of having to cut out the wall on the other side to fix it. Ugh. There were a few other things, trim work, hanging hooks and towel holders.  He said it would be done any day.

I've learned that any day is a good week in contractor speak. The plumber came by the day after we got home. He was suppose to return that afternoon with a missing part. (Good thing it was a part not a cut through the wall issue.) Details finishing guy was suppose to come the next day. No sign of them at all

Finally, plumber guy came the next Wednesday, details guy came on Thursday.  At long last, we have a working shower.

new shower

new shower

It's hard to photograph a shower.

There is still an issue the grout color on the shower floor. You can kind of see it in the first photo. It is different colors in different areas. It makes the shower floor look dirty. He's suppose to come look at this week, which means the week after. Then at some point we're suppose to start work on the kids' baths. Hopefully, after a talk with the contractor, it won't take another 6-7 weeks to complete that job.

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