Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Big Trip Part VI

Day 6

The Character Breakfast

This was a Disney Cruise but we didn't participate in many of the typical Disney activities on the cruise. They had character meet-ups multiple times a day but there were always long lines. We attended the character breakfast the second day of the cruise and got all of that out of the way.

Mickey breakfast disney magic

The waitress Shani made everyone napkin hats.

Minnie bows disney magic

Goofy ears disney magic B

Goofy ears disney magic J

Not sure what this one was suppose to be, a pirate with big earrings??

pirate hat disney magic

The boys didn't like their Goofy ears. Boys at another table had Peter Pan hats, luckily Shani knew how to make those too

Peter Pan Hat disney magic

We saw more characters

Goofy breakfast disney magic

Minnie breakfast disney magic

Pluto breakfast disney magic

Pluto breakfast disney magic

The characters were fun, too bad the breakfast wasn't that great. If there was one thing I would improve on a Disney cruise, it would definitely be the breakfast.

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