Friday, August 9, 2013

The Big Trip Part VIII

Day 8


This is a cute little town leftover from the Gold Rush days. We got off the boat early and walked around.

B and the Disney Wonder

Skagway main street

Skagway wooden building

Since we had time before our excursion, DH took a break to get a little work done.

working in Skagway

The cousins joined us on this trip on the old railroad and gold panning.

Skagway train ride

DH, A & E on the Skagway train

Skagway train & J

Skagway train & J change focus

Skagway train old bridge

panning for gold

enjoying a beer after gold panning

DH & BIL#2 with beer

There was suppose to be another tour of a gold dredge after the gold panning. We somehow missed that part of the tour. There might have been beer/root beer involved.

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