Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weigh the Dog

The cousins have a huge black lab, Chinook. Last Friday, BIL#2 decided to find out how much Chinook weighs. It involved DH & the dog & a scale.

 photo 20130301_135200_1_zpsc23e9758.jpg

 photo 20130301_135204_1_zps0011d4f8.jpg

 photo 20130301_135207_1_zps6789f86d.jpg

 photo 20130301_135212_1_zps1aa5008c.jpg

 photo 20130301_135217_1_zps304f6bdb.jpg

 photo 20130301_135256_1_zps0c09b485.jpg

 photo 20130301_135259_1_zps26219a30.jpg

 photo 20130301_135315_1_zpsd3dba960.jpg

It didn't work very well, but we all (well, except for Chinook) had a good laugh.

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