Wednesday, February 27, 2013

By the numbers - Pinterest Challenge

It's Pinterest Challenge Time!!

Here is my front door. (Please ignore all the bikes, umbrellas, rakes, bike ramps, clutter.) I love my front door. I hate my house numbers. They are ugly, old-fashioned, diagonal, and very hard to see from the street, especially at night.

 photo DSC_5232_1_zps5b5df3d9.jpg

I've been thinking about house numbers since we moved into this house six years ago. In my mind, I've pinned house numbers out the wazoo. Tonight I only found one pin

My dream house number/mailbox combo (since I hate my mailbox too) is from an Etsy company, Steel House mfg.

I pinned some their house numbers now too.

So nice, but not affordable for me right now.

Months ago I decided something had to be done about the ugly numbers. It was after S#5's birthday party when half the guests went to the neighbor's house on accident. I started searching for options that were in my price range. I found something I liked at Home Depot. I had to wait because they didn't have all the numbers I needed. A month or two later, I bought my last number. I was ready. Except I let it sit there until tonight.

Nothing like a Pinterest Challenge to get me moving on a project. Tonight was the night.

First up, lining up the templates.

I'm anal about precision. This took a long time with rulers, tape, level and lots of re-doing and re-taping until I was satisfied.

 photo DSC_5243_1_zpsb4ee71e0.jpg

Second, marking the template holes.

I was suppose to have a special tool to mark the holes to drill. I didn't have one, so I used a screw I found on the garage floor.

 photo DSC_5244_1_zps6b622c81.jpg

Third, drilling holes.

This part was difficult. I tried to use painter's tape to hang the board in place. It didn't work. I sweetly asked DH to help me out. He held while I drilled. I must have been too slow because he took over.

 photo DSC_5247_1_zps509ca61c.jpg

The fourth step, putting the numbers together.

 photo DSC_5250_1_zps85ad8925.jpg

Looking great so far

 photo DSC_5251_1_zpsec6945cc.jpg

Now to hang it up.

 photo DSC_5252_1_zps2ec03f32.jpg

So very nice!!!

 photo DSC_5253_1_zpsb51d08ef.jpg

They are modern. They are bigger. They are lit by the front porch light. They look fresh and new, I really love my new house numbers.

Now it is imperative that I get rid of that old mailbox and hang a new one on the other side. I might have to go shopping today.

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Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

The numbers look terrific. I love how they a bit off-set from the plate. Love the font of the numbers too. Very modern and updated!

Katja @

The Remodeled Life said...

We need new house numbers so bad!! Love this idea!! Thanks for linking up!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Love the modern font. They look great by your entrance.

Liz Haynsworth said...

Aren't those house numbers the best? They look great!