Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Bunnies

When we got home from spring break, the bunnies were still in our backyard. They were definitely bigger. I made the mistake of checking on them while the dog was outside. While he was very good with learning the "no bunnies" rule, temptation was too great.

I leaned over the nest to snap a picture.

 photo 20130313_184209_1_zps7767fccc.jpg

Frankie came running up. The bunnies got scared and ran! Frankie got one in his mouth and took off. I yelled (or screeched as A said) "Frankie, no bunnies!!!!" He stopped and threw the bunny out of his mouth. It took off running.

We took Frankie inside and then checked on the bunnies. We found one by the fence, one in the sandbox and the other under the ladder of the playset.  I tried putting the bunnies back in the hole, but they were too scared and ran out again.

 photo 20130313_184358_1_zps7d1c94e7.jpg

 photo 20130313_184509_1_zps464ec4b9.jpg

The saddest part, one of the bunnies was paralyzed from the waist down.

 photo 20130313_184314_1_zpscf0f6084.jpg

You can see how the bottom half of the bunny is much smaller. I was worried that Frankie may have done it when he first found the nest. After a bit of google, I found out that it can happen from trauma from a predator, accidentally from a parent or even a parasite. Poor bunny!

The next morning the bunnies were back in the nest and one day later they were gone.  I hope they are all safe somewhere far away. I'm trying to plant my garden and don't want it to turn into just rabbit food.

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