Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part II

The weather on Sunday was atrocious. The morning started out okay. The boys took advantage of the bit of sun for some kayaking.

 photo DSC_5326_1_zps63b83ba1.jpg

 photo DSC_5334_1_zps50038293.jpg

As the weather grew progressively worse, we decided to go sightseeing and check out the submarine and destroyer at Seawolf Park.

First the Cavalla

 photo 20130310_142118_1_zpsba73b684.jpg

 photo 20130310_142202_1_zpsce4dcc95.jpg

 photo 20130310_142622_1_zpsbf4ebeef.jpg

 photo 20130310_143556_1_zpsdbeb1a5d.jpg

Second the Stewart

 photo 20130310_150956_1_zpsd3191a52.jpg

 photo 20130310_151021_1_zps3e26f425.jpg

 photo 20130310_151117_1_zps844a6437.jpg

 photo 20130310_151922_1_zpsa04fd1d7.jpg

 photo 20130310_152440_1_zps91b47ba7.jpg

It was a good day considering the weather.


Kristin said...

A looks like she is wearing a puffer and uggs. What was it, 70 outside? ;)

Sarah said...

Actually it really was cold. In the high 40s/low 50s and drizzling rain. A very cold cold front came through that morning.