Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Bunnies

I got up this morning and let the dog outside. It was cold, so I expected that he would come scratching to be let back in quickly. He doesn't like the cold. Instead, as I was making lunch, I heard barking and baying. Frankie doesn't bark much. Strangers at the door at night, squirrels and not throwing the ball to him are all things that make him bark. At first I thought it must be a squirrel and ignored him, but it continued enough that I went outside to investigate. I found him barking and pawing at the ground by the swingset. At first I thought it was a dead animal. I was so glad to find baby bunnies instead!

 photo DSC_5264_1_zpsc855d9f5.jpg

 photo DSC_5257_1_zps520921b8.jpg

 photo DSC_5262_1_zpsc0941350.jpg

 photo DSC_5263_1_zps9627656d.jpg

Aren't they cute!!! A thought they looked like rats, I claim they are cute because I know they won't grow up into a rat.

I had a hard time getting Frankie to come in the first time. He wanted at those bunnies. He got out again when the boys went to go check out the bunnies. Again, he wanted to get at them. We got him back inside after much goading. I let him out with me when I went to take pictures. Before we went outside, I told him "No bunnies, Frankie!" He listened. He did go over and sniff, but no barking or scratching at their nest and he came inside when I said it was time to go. Such a good dog!

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