Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Grade Auction Project 2013

I helped out with the first grade auction project this year. I love pinterest, so many ideas. After some discussion, we decided to combine two of them.

Fingerprint art:

original source

And notecards from kids art

original source

I worked with another mom. We decided to do two different shapes, cross and dove. I came up with the outlines for the projects. The other mom, who was a teacher in a previous lifetime, went into total teacher mode while executing the project with the kids. I was the "clean the fingertip, coordinate the paint, keep kids moving" helper person. It went well, very well.

She got the originals to the printers to have them made into notecards and then I framed them.

I forgot to take pictures, but here are the ones of three of the four projects I took with my phone to send to the other mom.

 photo 20130324_194712_1_zps4d9cd059.jpg

 photo 20130324_205609_1_zps41f130cd.jpg

 photo 20130326_203751_1_zps3e04956f.jpg

She sent me a photo of the original proofs of the notecards. They cleaned the edges before they printed the real cards. Hopefully the project will turn out well.

 photo IMG955987_1_zps30eecd88.jpg

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