Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part III

S#2 and S#4 came down to Galveston on Monday to go to the beach. Well, we tried to go to the beach. After an hour of sitting in the very windy cold weather, we packed up the gear and headed back to our friends' house. They live on the bay side of the island on a canal. It was warmer and less windy there and much more tolerable than the beach. The kids fished and kayaked and we cooked burgers and hotdogs and hung out all day.

 photo 20130310_190857_1_zps06865751.jpg

 photo 20130310_191935_1_zpsfaf79d76.jpg

 photo 20130311_163132_1_zps89f92911.jpg

 photo 20130311_165601_2_zps9bbfbc72.jpg

 photo 20130311_165601_1_zps7b2e0fdd.jpg

The kids found tiny jelly fish in the canal. They are see-through so very hard to capture on film (or on sd card) but I attempted to show them in black and white. You can kind of see the amorphous blobs where there are dark circles at the bottom of the bucket.

Tuesday we headed to Houston and met S#2 and S#4 and families at Houston Space Center.

 photo 20130312_095523_1_zpsc0d10866.jpg

On the tram ride 

 photo 20130312_104116_1_zpsd703ed2e.jpg

Oops, didn't get A in the photo. She looks so happy that I included her 

 photo 20130312_104129_1_zpsd7d64ee3.jpg

Mission Control 

 photo 20130312_110358_1_zps163e184b.jpg

The Orion project (Space shuttle replacement) 

 photo 20130312_144123_1_zps9488a20f.jpg

the cousins (with an old man photo bomb)

 photo 20130312_113105_1_zps25ccbf36.jpg

The rockets on Saturn 

 photo 20130312_113346_1_zps761ff65d.jpg

DH for size 

 photo 20130312_113337_1_zps4d02ef1c.jpg

Space food 

 photo 20130312_120606_1_zpsa077c0f3.jpg

Dancing colors 

 photo 20130312_121854_1_zps2224641a.jpg

 photo 20130312_121919_1_zpscfa4aacd.jpg

Space Helmet 

 photo 20130312_134129_1_zpsb536862c.jpg

 photo 20130312_134237_1_zps4321406c.jpg

 photo 20130312_134301_1_zpsbb3fb46e.jpg

Touching the moon 

 photo 20130312_154303_1_zpsc9b419ef.jpg

The dreaded climbing place 

 photo 20130312_160338_1_zpsff99036e.jpg

About the time we finally let them go in the climbing place, I was done with Houston Space Center. Unfortunately for me and my headache, it was another hour before we left. At 5pm. Not a good idea. The Space Center is south of Houston and we were in the middle of rush hour. It took us an hour and half to get out Houston. Then we had to drive home to Dallas. It was a long, long. long ride but it was good to be home.

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