Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visitor Day

Monday night was visitor day at dance class. A has both tap and ballet on Monday nights, I decided to skip tap and go to ballet, so I could see her progress on pointe.

I got there at 6pm just as ballet was suppose to start, but instead I heard the tap teacher and realized they hadn't switched yet. I snuck in and found that A has started learning the drumstick tap dance. If you have sat through any recitals from this dance school, you've seen this dance. It is the dance that the advanced tap students learn, the big girls. It is one of the dances that made A stick with dance this long. AND SHE IS LEARNING IT!!!!!!

 photo 20130304_180225_1_zpsfdb174cc.jpg

(Can you tell I'm excited?)

Tap class ran very long, after 20 minutes, the ballet teacher came into class to ask for her students. We switched over and they stretched on the barre.

 photo 20130304_182200_1_zpsc8d77556.jpg

 photo 20130304_182650_1_zpsf2464114.jpg

Not a lot of fancy pointe displays, but impressive limberness from my girl who used to barely be able to reach past her knees on a forward bend.

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