Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part IV

After the late drive home from Galveston/Houston, we all slept in on Wednesday. It was a lazy morning but we decided to go have some fun in the afternoon. After a quick lunch at home, we headed to the Arts District downtown. The kids hadn't checked out Clyde Warren Park yet. The weather was gorgeous and everyone else had the same idea.

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A ran into a girl from school. While the boys played on the spider web, I chatted with the mom while A hung out in the sun with her friend.  After a bit, we headed next door to the DMA. They changed their membership policy. Now it is free to join as a "friend". We went ahead and joined as a partner so we could go to the Marc Chagall exhibit. A and I want to go back with S#5 to the Cindy Sherman exhibit. The boys didn't get much out of looking at the art. B's opinion of Chagall was "he likes naked people." Both boys were incredibly embarrassed by the well endowed Polynesian statues. J said "that is just wrong." B did like the minecraft art.

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After the museum, we checked out the Farmer's Market. Aside from the smoothie place, not much was going on. Reminder, Wednesdays are not the day to go to the Farmer's Market. I think that is the second time I've done that. On our way home, we stopped to Central Market, ate lots of samples and picked up some dinner.  The kids decided on sushi.

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A & J talked B into trying wasabi. He survived. They all liked the california roll. The other tuna thing was just so-so. DH was lucky and got to eat it for lunch the next day.

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