Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Part I

We went down to visit our friends in Galveston again for the first weekend over Spring Break. We drove down on Saturday. Weather was suppose to be iffy all weekend so we quickly unloaded our stuff and headed to the beach in case it might be the only day worth going.

I love that the first thing my kids do at the beach is start digging and looking for interesting stuff.

 photo DSC_5277_1_zps3f4b72de.jpg

 photo DSC_5314_1_zps0e8c5a2a.jpg

 photo DSC_5297_1_zps88098e4a.jpg

 photo DSC_5279_1_zps9be52b47.jpg

 photo DSC_5295_1_zps437796f8.jpg

 photo DSC_5292_1_zpsc946d51b.jpg

 photo DSC_5300_1_zpsb8ffb141.jpg

J & B braved the water.  A stuck to searching for cool shells.

 photo DSC_5306_1_zpsbb5e367d.jpg

 photo DSC_5309_1_zps22dfa176.jpg

 photo DSC_5312_1_zps74321909.jpg

 photo DSC_5313_1_zps6c1b20c0.jpg

They did try to bury B in the water, but they were too close to the waves. He just got muddy.

 photo DSC_5316_1_zps37fbc787.jpg

 photo DSC_5321_1_zps2f4a29f5.jpg

 photo DSC_5323_1_zps28bd9424.jpg

The sun eventually went behind clouds and it got cold. Like huddle under all the towels cold. After awhile, A & I packed it in, the boys stayed at the beach when our friends from Houston arrived. Eventually, our friends from Wimberley made it and our weekend officially started.

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