Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kid Pitch Take 2

Most of J's baseball games are on weeknights and most start late, so DH has been handling most of the games. I made it to the one Friday night game, but didn't think I would make it to another.

DH ended up sick this week, allergies turned into a very bad sinus infection. He's also suppose to go on a guys' trip to Vegas this weekend. I told him, go to the doctor or stay home. He went to the doctor. We had a friend take care of B's soccer practice and I took J to the baseball game.

I was really glad I went. It was a big night for him.

He got to pitch.



That was him pitching to the first kid. He got a pop out. His first out as a pitcher.

Unfortunately, he proceeded to pitch wild, walked the next 4 straight and was pulled from the mound. Maybe pitching isn't his thing in baseball, at least everyone gets to try.

I thought it was going to be a bummer of a game for him because of the pitching, but he got his first two hits of the season.  Up until then, he's had two strike outs and the rest walks. He was excited.

This first season of kid pitch baseball is brutal, both for the players and the parents watching. At least it was more fun watching J's team than our poor Rangers fall disastrously to the A's.

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