Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumnfest 2012

Last Saturday was Autumnfest, the school's fall fundraiser. It is a huge event that starts at noon and ends at 9 (or when ever the beer runs out). DH was co-chair of the beer tent this year. He was up there early and stayed late, but it was a much better job than the set-up and tear-down role that he held the past 3 years. That takes most of Friday & all day Saturday and stays even later than the beer tent guys.

I handled the Saturday morning activities for B & A. J was free so he went with DH. The two kids wanted to go as soon as the 12:00 soccer game was over but I held out. I used an excuse of eating free lunch and charging my cell phone. I tried to wait until 3pm thinking that 6-7 hours of Autumnfest was plenty for any child. I gave into the nagging at 1:45. We left just before 10 so they had a good eight hours of fun.

B after his visit to the ER booth

Finally finding friends in the crowd

More friends

E on the rock climbing wall

J was there and having fun, he just refused to have his picture taken.

It wasn't just a day for kids. Since DH was in charge of beer tent, he was also in charge of the football on TV. Once the UT fans admitted that the big game was a debacle, we got to change it to the ND game. The whole family moved our ND game watching party from S#2's house to the beer tent on the football field.


I got to watch the first half with everyone but eventually I had to start my volunteer time. I signed up to work at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 for each of the kids' class booth.

In the middle of my hour of writing Bingo numbers on a white board, I got an email from my roommate with the subject "Yes!" and the text "Unbelieveable!" I almost walked out. I returned the email and sent text out to DH and S#5, trying to figure out what happened.

I finally got two reply text telling me that ND pulled out an overtime win. How disappointing to miss it? Then, I got an email from the roommate and her husband comparing the game to our final game senior year, ND v Penn State. I wanted to cry. That Penn State game was so thrilling. The snow, the catch, the win, rushing the field. It was great. I can't believe I missed another one. I hope those bingo player appreciate my dedication to the school!

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Kristin said...

It was an exciting win but Penn State was better! 1) we were there and 2) we got to rush the field!

Next year you need to volunteer the beer tent! :)