Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disco Ball

Last night was the school auction/gala. The theme was The Disco Ball. Groovy outfits were everywhere.

My auction project wasn't as popular as I hoped. One of them sold for the minimum, but at least the other one (the one from J's class) sold for $200. I had lots of complements on them which made me feel good.


DH was dressed to the nines. I took a few pictures at the very beginning of the night and then set the camera down. This is all I got.



They mixed things up with the auction this year which had some people unhappy. Even after all of the grumbling, it was a successful evening raising funds for the school & a pretty fun party too.

I'm exhausted after staying up until 3am. Kids are in bed and I'm headed that way myself. Good night!

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