Thursday, February 24, 2011

The worst mom mistake ever (so far)

It was a rainy morning. It drizzled, poured, thundered and then drizzled some more. It had the makings of a pretty bad day. About 1pm the sun came out and it turn into a beautiful afternoon.

I picked up B from school and headed to the park to pick up A & J. They are walkers, so when school lets out, they cross the street to the park. J gets out first at 3:15 and then we wait for 20 minutes until A comes across at 3:35.

It was really beautiful out and B ran off to play on the swings with his friend. I talked to her father until J showed up and the dad left with his girls. I then talked to a group of moms. Finally A came across. I herded the kids into the car and headed home. The drive was nice, we talked about dreams & deja vu and sang the Milestone Electric jingle because we saw their truck.

As we turned onto our street, J says, "Where's B?" I answered, "Oh Hell, I left him at the park" and gunned it. I was seriously driving 65 mph down Rosser Road (a residential street). I told A & J not to look at the speedometer. A said something about not getting a ticket. I told her I didn't care, I would lead the police on a chase, I wasn't stopping until I got to the park.

I rolled through a couple of stop signs, went around a car or two and got back to the park in 4 minutes. Fast. I jumped out of the car in a total panic because most of the kids had left and I didn't see B. I ran to look in the tube of playground equipment and started to call the last mom I had been talking to hoping she had grabbed him. Luckily before I made that frantic call, I heard A yell. She found B digging in the dirt underneath a tree. He hadn't even realized that I was gone. Thanks heavens!

I still can't believe I did it. When we got home, J ran in to tell DH what happened. Of course, he shook his head at me but then he confessed to leaving B at Withers park once after a soccer practice a long time ago. At least I'm not the only one to do it, but poor, poor B. He is the forgotten third child!

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Kristin said...

Oh wow. A glass of wine for you tonight! All's well that ends well. What a fright for you! At least B didn't realize he was left behind.