Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mistakes mothers make

I just discovered I made a big mistake.  I waited until A was 10 almost 11 to make her wash dishes. 

She decided she wanted to bake something by herself.  I helped her when she asked.  Aside from accidently adding 1/4 c flour instead of a 1/4 c sugar, I think she followed the recipe and the chocolate cake should turn out fine.

However, when the cake went in the oven, I instructed her to clean the dishes.  First she was grossed out because there was some spring mix lettuce in the bottom of the sink from DH making a salad earlier.  She couldn't figure out how to get it into the disposal.  When I told her to use her hands, the tears ensued. 

I had to actually show her how to clean the dishes.  She was holding the kitchen aid paddle attachment in her left hand by her fingertips and the sponge in her right hand by her fingertips.  She was barely swiping the sponge across the paddle.  I had to show her how to immerse it in the sinkful of water and rub it all over with the sponge to get it clean.  Wow, the tears were flowing.

Next I instructed her to save the frying pan that DH used to cook breakfast until last because it was rather greasy.  She flipped her lid when she realized she would have to wash things that she didn't use.  I informed her that I washed all kinds of things that I never used and if she wanted to bake, then she had to learn how to wash or there would be no more baking ever again.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to re-wash those dishes anyway, the effort she is putting into them probably isn't enough to actually get them clean.

I am the worst mother in the universe or at least I think that was what she was mumbling under her breath as I left the room.

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