Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kindle cover

It is icing/sleeting/snowing again today. School was canceled again. I think it must be a record for the number of snow days. I'm trying to use my time wisely so I don't yell at the children too much.

I finished a cover for my kindle. A walked in and saw me sewing up the side and was shocked that I was done already. She told me several times that she couldn't believe that I finished it so fast. Honestly, it took me 14 days to knit a 5" x 17" rectangle. I don't think that is all that fast but I am happy to have another project finished.


I have buttons picked out but the needle I was using was too thick to fit through the holes, I need to go find another needle and it will be 100% complete in a few minutes.

On a side note, A made hot chocolate this morning. I am totally anti-hot chocolate. I cannot stand those powdery packets. I know children like them but I refuse to even make them. However, A used Hot Chocolate Mix from Williams-Sonoma that I bought DH for Christmas. It was so delicious. Of course, it is gourmet chocolate flakes melted in hot milk, how could that not be delicious? I tried to find it on their website but it isn't there anymore, I guess it is just a christmas time thing. I'll definitely be on the lookout for it next year.

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