Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dog hair

We've had a dog for almost a year now. The dog is very nice, a great dog that is very compatible with our family. Kids love him to pieces. I do like the dog, but I don't like the dog hair. I found myself in church this morning not paying attention at all because I was picking dog hairs off my coat. I think the coat must have fallen on the floor because it was covered.

Then I found an email in my spam folder for the Dyson Dog Grooming tool. I'm intrigued. Even at $70.00, I'm intrigued.

Dyson Groom

Does it really work? If it does work, could I actually get Frankie to sit still while I vacuum him? I wonder. I'm off to google it and see what other people have to say. Frankie's "birthday" is coming up in a couple of weeks. Maybe I just found the gift to get him!


susan said...

Let me know how it works out for you. I vacuum (the house) daily and still... dog hair everywhere. I pick up the baby, who has been crawling around. He's covered, then I become covered... it's never-ending. Unfortunately, I think it comes with dog ownership. I believe even if we brushed (or vacuumed) the dog daily, we'd still have it all over the place. Maybe Nair?

lisa m said...

Um, please do an update if you get this & let us know if it works. Dog hair in the house is the bane of my existence.