Saturday, September 29, 2007



Here is the second FO for the week. Not bad. They turned out well. My mattress stitching through the ribbing (under the standed cuff) got messed up on the first one, so the seam is a little wonky, despite pulling out 2/3 of the seam and redoing it. For the second one, I got out clothes pins to hold the sides together as I seamed it. Much better results. A wasn't exactly thrilled. She started to complain about them and cut her off at the pass. I told her I would be very disappointed if she didn't wear them with a pretty smile on her face. So she smiled. I bet she'll rip them off the minute I drop her at ballet class. But that is fine with me. They will keep her warm from house to car to ballet school. Watch, we'll have an incredibly warm winter and she'll never even wear them. At least I got photos.

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