Sunday, September 23, 2007


Baby B is such a cute kid. He sleeps with his paci still. He's taken to calling it his 'ni-ni', like 'night-night' but he hasn't mastered the 't' sound yet. He is way different than his brother & sister. They would wake up and either climb out(A) or scream(J) until you got them up. B just sits and plays. Eventually he will start calling out for one of us to get him, but some days he will play in bed for 45 minutes. If you try to get him up too soon, he refuses to get out. He won't get up until he is done playing.

I can hear him in his room playing his favorite game right now.

When he wakes up, he lays all his animals down on their little pillow. Bear, puppy, bug, angel baby, bunny bear and whoever else is in there that day. Usually we have a host of friends just for his ni-ni game. After all animals are laid on the pillow, he passes out blankies (cloth diapers, again there are tons in the bed), gives one his ni-ni and covers them with a blanket. He hushes them and sings a lullaby or reads to them. And then his favorite part of all. He stands at the end of the crib, bounces a couple of times and does a belly dive on top of them all, giggling away. And then it's just rinse and repeat.

He is such a boy!

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