Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to work

I'm not sure how I like this having a job thing. The summer and not working was so nice. I could sleep in a little. I could knit when the children weren't killing each other.

Now, I know this job is an ideal situation. I can work from home (like I am right now! hee, I'm really working not blogging) and it's only a few hours a week. But this, if life were perfect I would have a large steady income stream that came without any effort from me. I really should buy a lottery ticket someday. Then maybe that dream will come true.

So far the job isn't difficult except that I don't know what I'm doing exactly. The ramping up period is hard for me. I have high expectations of myself and I don't like floundering. I will learn and get over this, but it is hard for me.

But the downsides to working:

I'm hardly knitting at all. That is sad for me. I did get 6 rows done on tw last night. Without a single row needing to be redone. That is quite an accomplishment. I think I've figured out my problems. I'm a thrower and sometimes when I do a yo, I miss the throw. The yarn doesn't actually make it around the needle. If I don't pay attention, I happily knit on until the end of the row. Then I get the dreadful count and recount of sts equal to 96 instead of 97 and I have to start backing up again!!!! So I was careful last night and didn't miss a single one. I need to take a progress picture.

I'm having trouble fitting in all the stuff I was doing before. Trips to the library. I have to go this weekend before our books are overdue. Grocery and meal planning. Well, I haven't really fallen behind on that because of work. C really killed that one for me with the "please make normal food for awhile" thing. The thrill of making new recipes is gone. Laundry. I've really gotten out of my laundry schedule. I'm getting down the the dregs of my clothes. At least I'm home today and I should be able to take advantage of it.

But speaking of work. I should get back to it. I have to go figure out a new query and add a column to a table and figure out which table I need to add it to and then find all instances of the reporting and adjust. At least I actually know what I have to do, now I just have to go figure it all out.

Baby is stuck in the high chair. I should go let him out of jail.

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