Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ravelry anticipation

I started using google calendar. I still have my sbc yahoo calendar that contains my life, but since I had a google account, I thought I would check out the calendar. I became enthralled with the multiple calendars inside google calendar. I created a calendar for me, one for A, one for J and one for C. Each event shows up in a different color according to the person to which it belongs. Nice.

I was so enthusiatic, C decided that he wanted access to it. So he opened his own gmail account & calendar. I shared my calendar with him and we were all happy and content knowing exactly what everyone in the family was doing each month in color.

Until C starts paging through the months. He gets to October and says "Ravelry, what's Ravelry?" I used excel forecasting option to figure out when I should get my invite to Ravelry. My projected date is Oct 25. I put it on my calendar.

Oh, he got such a huge laugh out of that. I had put my expected invitation to a knitting website on my calendar. He thinks I'm such an old lady and becoming obsessive about knitting.

But I got the last laugh. He went to the high school football game with his friend Marc last night. I guess when he got to Marc's house, his wife Rebecca asked what I had been up to. He says she's knitting. Now Rebecca owns her own marketing business, she's very up to date, fashion conscious and works with a couple of gay guys who are very trendy. She's always dressed in coordinated outfits purchased less than 5 years ago and gets her hair cut more than twice a year. She is very, very different than me. And Rebecca says, I tried to knit. She was going to join a SnB group but never got the hang of it and gave up. Now C thinks that knitting is a cool and hip thing to do. Maybe he won't give me such a hard time when I ignore him due to tw.

And an even better bonus, she gave her needles, yarn & her SnB book. Now I don't have to wait on the SnB book at the library. I have the pattern for the wristbands. But they are made with a merino wool. I'm going to have to find a cotton substitute.

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