Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dark Chocolate-Almond Cake review


from Coffee Cakes from Chronicle Books

Results: This was a moist, mousse like cake. It was very rich and chocolate-y. I liked it. Dh liked it. He likes a small chocolate dessert without icing, so it fit the bill. A liked it alot but she didn't eat her whole piece because 'the chocolate got to be too much.' J said it was 'Delish!' B ate it and screamed for more. In fact he climbed on the counter today, poked a hole in the saran wrap covering the cake and started to feast on it a handful at a time. I told DH that you have to worry when he is too quiet! I think it would have been better with the small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Something cold and creamy to balance out the rich dense chocolate flavor. Maybe next time. A said that I should have left out the ground almonds. I thought they added a nice texture to the cake.
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