Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday September 11

Tomorrow is DH's bday. Since tomorrow night is Dad's Club (and he can't miss Dad's club, free Mexican food & a keg of beer), we're celebrating tonight.

DH requested steak dinner at home. I told him he was in charge of the steaks. I'll handle the rest.

I've made the dark chocolate almond cake recipe that he said sounded really good. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I made the cake and while it was baking, I cleaned the kitchen. Next I have to make twice baked potatoes. Plus I need to come up with another vegetable or salad. I'm thinking salad because it is easiest and I have some tomatoes from the garden.

I need to get potatoes made this afternoon because I'm taking J to the doctor after school. His allegies/cough/congestion/etc is turning nasty. His current medication isn't working and I'm afraid he'll get and/or has a sinus infection.

Baby is making a mess somewhere. I hear little things dropping on the floor. I must go take care of it before it gets worse.

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